Review Report

Ended on the 22 December 2017
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(4)8.1 Whilst many aspects of the LDP and supporting SPGs are considered to be functioning effectively, for a number of reasons, including external factors, certain elements of the Spatial Strategy which underpins the LDP is not currently being delivered. While there are signs of economic conditions improving, there remains uncertainty over when and whether delivery rates can reach the level necessary to meet the requirements of the Strategy. Therefore, growth rates and strategies need to be reconsidered in order to inform a strategy that is most appropriate for delivering realistic and sustained growth throughout the revised plan period.

8.2 The Review process needs to take into account additional primary legislation such as the Planning (Wales) Act 2015 and The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 together with welfare reform changes, potential growth levels and updates to national planning policy; including further changes which emerge during the Review. Also, the Planning (Wales) Act 2015 introduced a new hierarchy of development plans including a National Development Framework (NDF) and Strategic Development Plans (SDPs) which would have significant implications on the content and function on any replacement LDP.

8.3 The Review Report outlines the need to review the LDP strategy. As a consequence the plan will undergo a full revision procedure and a replacement LDP will be prepared. Whilst many other aspects of the LDP are considered to be functioning effectively, contextual and evidence base changes, appeal decisions and new legislation, policy and guidance will identify the need to revise certain policies and allocations within the Plan.

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