Review Report

Ended on the 22 December 2017
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Appendix 4 - Summary List of Further Research Required

12.1 BP01 - Related Plans and Strategies
BP02 - Population and Household Projections
BP03 - Growth Level & Distribution Options Report
BP04 - Housing Land Supply
BP05 - Housing Land Availability Study
BP06 - Housing Mix LHMA
BP07 - Local Housing Market Assessment
BP08 - Hierarchy of Settlements
BP09 - Affordable Housing Viability Study
BP10 - Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment
BP11 - The Habitats Regulations Appraisal
BP12 - Green Wedge & Settlement Boundary Assessment
BP13 - Employment Land Monitoring Report
BP14 - Employment Land Study Review
BP15 - Retail Study
BP16 - Primary & Secondary Retail Areas & Hierarchy Study
BP17 - Conwy Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment
BP18 - Primary Holiday Accommodation Areas Study
BP19 - Open Space Assessment
BP20 - Waste Management
BP21 - Site Deliverability Assessment
BP22 - Gypsy and Traveller Site Demand Assessment
BP23 - Colwyn Bay Masterplan Baseline Report
BP24 - Conwy Primary School Modernisation Report
BP25 - Allotment Site Demand and Supply Report
BP26 - Special Landscape Areas
BP27 - Historic Environment
BP28 - Safeguarding Aggregate Resources
BP29 - Phasing Plan
BP30 - Capacity of the House Building Industry
BP31 - Burial Grounds Demand and Supply Report
BP32 - Welsh Language
BP33 - Site Viability Assumptions Paper
BP34 - Tourism and Leisure Growth Strategy
BP35 - Affordable Housing Needs Calculation
BP36 - Collaborative Working with Neighbouring Councils
BP37 - Release of Contingency Sites
BP38 - Renewable Energy Assessment
BP39 - Population Increase, Housing & Health/Primary Care Impact
BP40 - Population Increase, Housing & Education Impact
BP41 - Community Appraisals
BP42 Education Skills Assessment

This list may change subject to newly arising evidence.

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