Review Report

Ended on the 22 December 2017
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2.1 Welsh Government Regulations, the LDP Manual and Planning Policy Wales outline the process for the preparation and on-going monitoring of a LDP. In addition to Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs) an Authority should undertake a more thorough review of its LDP at least once every 4 years following adoption, potentially sooner subject to AMR findings. The production of an amended or replacement LDP must be preceded by an LDP Review report that details the reasons and evidence for proposing changes to the Plan. Such reasons could include national policy or legislation, local context and potential concerns from the findings of the AMR in terms of policy effectiveness, progress rates and implementation. This Review Report highlights the extent of changes required to the LDP and the procedure to be followed.

2.2 The Conwy Local Development Plan 2007-2022 was adopted in October 2013 and therefore the Council would be required to start carrying out the review in 2017 in any event. The indicators contained within the second AMR (October 2016) demonstrated that challenges identified in the first AMR were continuing and increasing. The shortfall in the housing land supply has increased and the delivery of employment land both in the urban and rural areas is significantly below target.

2.3 The Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 came into force on the 1st April 2016. It requires public bodies such as CCBC to consider not only the present needs of local communities but also how their decisions may affect people in the future. CCBC has a statutory duty to implement the principles of sustainable development in every decision making process. Accordingly, all elements contained in the replacement LDP will be subject to a well-being impact assessment and, if required, subject to amendments in line with recommendations derived from the assessment.

2.4 Welsh Government consider that the strategic elements of LDPs, such as housing, employment, transport, gypsy and traveller provision, minerals and waste, should be elevated for discussion and conclusion in a Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for the region. It is argued that this will result in a consistent, effective and efficient approach, reflecting strategic priorities, with key decisions taken once rather than numerous times. WG also considers that SDPs should only be prepared in areas where there are matters of greater than local significance and therefore identify the focus for three SDPs across Wales including the A55 Corridor in North Wales.

2.5 In future LDPs will be required to be in conformity with the relevant SDP. Where an SDP covers an LDP area, the LDP should be rationalised so that it only focuses on local matters, particularly site specific allocations, in accordance with the scale and location of growth set out in the SDP. Issues such as the overall level of housing, employment, retail provision and strategic sites will have already been addressed in the SDP and do not need to be repeated.

2.6 It is highly likely that the review of the LDP will precede the preparation of any potential A55 corridor SDP but would have potentially significant implications for the future function and content of the replacement Conwy Local Development Plan.

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