Review Report

Ended on the 22 December 2017
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Vision and Objectives

3.1 The vision of the LDP sets out where we want Conwy to be in the future and it is essential that it remains relevant to local needs and aspirations for the period of the revised LDP. The LDP vision was developed through a partnership approach and was informed by a range of plans and strategies. The two key strategies which informed the LDP Vision were summarised in- the 'One Conwy' Community Strategy and Conwy Corporate Plan, however both of these documents are now out of date. The Conwy County Borough Council Corporate Plan (which will include the well-being statement) will be formally approved by 19th October 2017. Following this, the Conwy & Denbighshire Public Service Board Well-being Plan will be approved by 31st March 2018. These strategies will form evidence base that will in turn inform the review of the vision and objectives of the LDP.

3.2 The adopted LDP vision is:

"By 2022, the communities of Conwy will be more sustainable, offer a higher quality of life and be supported by a more balanced age structure.

The development needs generated by future changes in population and reducing out-commuting levels will have been achieved. The housing needs of the area will be better accommodated, with greater access to affordable housing for local need. Communities will be educated and skilled and have greater access to high quality, better paid jobs, particularly in the higher value service industries and year-round tourism sectors, resulting in a more prosperous and thriving Conwy. Through the promotion of an Urban Development Strategy Area, the sustainable and accessible urban coastal belt settlements of Abergele, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, Llandudno and Llandudno Junction will have become the economic, social and cultural focus of the Plan Area. The strengthening of the strategic hubs and regeneration areas along the key road and rail corridor will have been achieved as a result. Through a Rural Development Strategy Area, the special character of the rural areas as places to live and work will have been fostered through the provision of locally accessible jobs and services. Within these communities, development will have supported and sustained the long-term wellbeing of the Welsh Language.

People in Conwy will feel safer and healthier, resulting from accessible, higher quality energy efficient and well-designed developments that protect and enhance the natural and built environment. Essential recreation and open spaces will have been protected and enhanced and Green Wedges and Special Landscape Areas will have secured community and settlement identity.

An improved public transport, walking and cycling network will have been secured and a sustainable public transport interchange facility at Llandudno and Colwyn Bay realised. A long-term supply of aggregates will have been safeguarded and waste minimisation and energy generation promoted."

(1)3.3 It is considered that the Vision for the LDP is still broadly relevant, however further work is needed to understand if any changes or additions should be made in light of key evidence base such as population projections, housing land supply, economic development opportunities and emerging new strategic plans such as Conwy County Borough Council Corporate Plan and the Wellbeing Plan.

3.4 A number of spatial objectives were formulated as a means of delivering the vision and tackling priority issues within the plan area. These 16 strategic objectives covering social, economic, environmental and cultural matters, in general remain appropriate and collectively contribute to meeting the majority of the priority outcomes of the LDP. However a review is still thought necessary due to the numerous changes to evidence base and legislation since adoption of the LDP. Depending on the outcome of this, some revision may be required to ensure that the objectives become more specific, recognising key local priorities and well-being goals.

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