Paper 1: Priority Issues, Vision and Objectives

Ended on the 25 January 2019
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Conwy Replacement LDP Vision

4.1 An early part of the plan preparation is to set and agree with Key Stakeholders the Vision and Objectives that the LDP needs to address. The RLDP should be based on a clear vision agreed by the community and stakeholders, setting out clearly and concisely how places are planned to develop, change, or be conserved. The current LDP contains a lengthy Vision, however we feel that the new RLDP Vision should be more focused and concise, which then relates seamlessly into the Objectives, Spatial Strategy, Polices, Land Allocations and Monitoring.

The proposed vision for the Conwy RLDP is to ensure that:

By 2033, Conwy will continue to be thriving area of North Wales, with a sustainable economy built on principles that promote growth and maximise opportunities for all whilst safeguarding the area's unique landscape, heritage and wider environmental assets. A renewed focus on placemaking and regeneration will ensure that high quality development supports the creation of healthier and more vibrant places, with housing, employment and infrastructure growth directed to sustainable locations to meet the needs of residents, workers and visitors. Through enhanced inward investment, infrastructure provision and strong protection for the Welsh Language, Conwy will become the economic and cultural growth engine of North Wales. It will be a competitive and more inclusive place offering a good quality of life for all, improved environmental quality and enhanced wellbeing for current and future generations. This means that Conwy will have a prosperous network of towns and villages, as well as a viable rural economy which protects and enhances the natural environment.

4.2 Achieving the Vision
This vision for Conwy will be achieved by all stakeholders involved in planning following the 5 ways of working (collaboration, prevention, integration, long term and involvement) and striving to deliver sustainable development. Placemaking and regeneration efforts will therefore be focused on delivering placed based solutions to social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges facing the area. The vision will therefore be implemented through addressing the objectives set out in the next section, and in turn through implementing associated policies and proposals.

4.3 The following paragraphs demonstrate why this Vision is proposed for the RLDP.

4.4 The relationship with the Conwy and Denbighshire Well-being Plan (CCBC/DCC WP) produced byConwy & Denbighshire Public Services Board (PSB) is particularly important. An LDP should provide the land use expression of the shared vision of how an area will change. The RLDP should identify those aspects of the CCBC/DCC WP which need to be expressed spatially.

4.5 In addition to the CCBC/DCC WP, the proposed Vision also needs to take on-board the WFG Act goals and the Wales Spatial Plan (2008). Consideration is also given to the North Wales Growth Deal, which could have implications on the National Development Framework currently in preparation.

4.6 The detail below considers the key messages in these documents, which are then related to the proposed Vision for the RLDP.

4.7 Conwy and Denbighshire Well-being Plan 2018 - 2023
The CCBC/DCC WP is also underpinned by the WFG Act seven goals, as is the proposed structure of the RLDP. The Public Services Board has been established which ensures that services work together to improve:
  • cultural well-being
  • economic well-being
  • environmental well-being
  • social well-being
4.8 Specifically, the CCBC/DCC WP wants everyone "to enjoy well-being". It sets out the challenges communities face and focuses on 3 priority areas:
  • People - Supporting Good Mental Well-being for all ages
  • Community - Supporting Community Empowerment
  • Place - Supporting Environmental Resilience.
4.9 It then goes to identify four principles that support these priorities:
  • To tackle inequalities and treat everyone equally
  • To support and promote the Welsh Language
  • To support people so they can access healthy, safe appropriate accommodation
  • To avoid duplicating work.

4.10 The Plan then identifies a number of areas to explore in order to contribute positively to these priorities and principles.

4.11 Key message for the RLDP Vision: The proposed Vision seeks to achieve sustainable places, with a strong emphasis on healthier places and promotion of the Welsh Language. The proposed structure of the RLDP and themes will be delivered via various subject areas, such housing, employment, community facilities, etc. which are well placed to deliver the land-use and planning policy elements of the CCBC/DCC WP. For example, the 'Social' theme will seek to promote land/policy to deliver appropriate market and affordable housing, community facilities, recreational spaces, all of which will impact positively on wellbeing. Appendix 2 to this Paper presents a matrix which assesses the proposed Vision against the spatial and land-use elements of the CCBC/DCC WP. The matrix clearly demonstrates that the proposed Vision and RLDP Structure will be in a position to contribute positively to the CCBC/DCC/ WP over the RLDP Period 2018 - 2033.
4.12 Wales Spatial Plan and the North Wales Growth Deal
The Wales Spatial Plan (WSP) was updated in 2008, and whilst work is progressing on the National Development Framework (NDF) and the North Wales Growth Deal, which are likely to come into force over the lifetime of LDP preparation, it still remains a useful and relevant reference for planning in the wider sub region. The North Wales Growth Deal is gaining significant momentum and as such the key economic drivers and strategic projects promoted in it may have implications on the future NDF (or Strategic Development Plan if prepared) and as such will need to be a factor in considering issues and options for the Conwy RLDP.
4.13 Wales Spatial Plan (WSP): The WSP (2008) contains an overall vision for the whole of Wales along with separate visions and strategies for each of the 6 spatial plan areas. Conwy is located mainly within the North East Wales Strategy Area and partly within the North West Area. Key focus is placed on the most sustainably located settlements along the A55. In particular, the Primary key Settlements of Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Llandudno Junction and Conwy, in addition the Key Settlements of Llanrwst, Penmaenmawr and Llanfairfechan are seen as key to realising the vision for this spatial area.
4.14 Key message for the RLDP Vision: Key focus should be given to delivering growth to sustainable locations with excellent accessibility. The WSP does not consider the impact on other settlements throughout the plan area, some of which will need focus to deliver community needs, regeneration and overall sustainable places. To accommodate these key messages the proposed Vison concentrates on Conwy as a whole and not specifically to the WSP Areas. Additionally, it promotes sustainable places and sustainable placemaking.
4.15 North Wales Growth Deal: The North Wales Growth Deal has been prepared in partnership by the North Wales Economic Ambitions Board and covers the North Wales Region. The economic drivers contained within the Deal will have an influence on the NDF and in shaping the County Borough over the coming years. It contains the following vision:
'Is a confident, cohesive region with sustainable economic growth, capitalising on the success of high value economic sectors and our connection to the economies of the Northern Powerhouse and Ireland'.
4.16 The North Wales Growth Vison was founded on the three principles of:
  • Smart North Wales - innovation in high value sectors to advance economic performance
  • Connected North Wales - improving transport and digital infrastructure to improve connectivity to and within the region
  • Resilient North Wales - retaining young people, raising employment levels and improving skills to achieve inclusive growth

4.17 The Growth Deal states that the Vison will be delivered by combining resources in strategic transport planning, economic development, employment and skills and strategic land use planning to support collaborative planning and delivery. Therefore they should be considered in drawing up the Vision, Objectives and Strategy in the RLDP. To inform the RLDP, BP/18 'The Conwy Employment Land Review has assessed the impact of the North Wales Growth Deal in terms of jobs growth, policies and land allocations. Additionally, it has assessed the implications of the Conwy Economic Strategy in terms of jobs growth options, policies and land allocations.

4.18 Key message for the RLDP Vision: The underlying message within the vision is that through inclusive placemaking, sustainable places will be created and enhanced in Conwy and economic growth will be realised. In particular, the theme 'Economy' will be well placed to ensure that the objectives, strategy, polices and land allocations are contributing positively to sustainable economic growth, which in turn will contribute to the delivery of a Resilient North Wales. The evidence set out in BP/18 will ensure that the RLDP growth levels and spatial distribution locate employment in accessible locations to link strategically to the economies of the Northern Powerhouse and Ireland. Such locations under the 'Economy' theme will also ensure transport and digital infrastructure improvements are promoted. Overall the proposed Vision will be well positioned to implement the Growth Deal via inclusive placemaking and focus on promoting and maximising growth.

4.19 To further assess the Vision against the essential plans and strategies an assessment matrix has been produced at appendix 2.

(8) Question 2: Do you think that this is the right Vision for the Conwy RLDP?

(8) Question 3: Do you think the Vision is well placed to deliver Sustainable Places in Conwy?

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