Candidate Site Register

Representation ID: 27687

Received: 13/09/2019

Respondent: Simon Glanville

Representation Summary:

Site sits within Green Wedge designed to stop coalescence and urban encroachment

Change suggested by respondent:

Deletion from RLDP

Full text:

I do not believe that site 9 constitutes appropriate development with the scope of the RLDP and I would lobby for its removal from the preferred strategy. I would observe that:

-The site sits entirely on agricultural pastures within Conwy's Green Wedge which was implemented to prevent the coalescence of Colwyn Bay and Bryn-Y-Maen

-Any development would encroach upon what is currently open countryside. A key purpose of these fields being listed within the county's Green Wedge is to safeguard against urban encroachment.

-The sites form an important local landscape feature cited by CCBC as contributing to the wider landscape character of the area. Protection of the site would safeguard important views across to Bryn Pydew Obelisk, The Great Orme, Puffin Island and Anglesey.

-CCBC itself states a general presumption against development in an area of this type as it is "inappropriate in relation to the purpose of the designation". Further, the most recent RLDP documents explain that "development should not be granted planning permission except in very exceptional circumstances" and that the construction of new buildings in a green wedge "is inappropriate development" unless it justified rural enterprise needs; essential facilities for outdoor sport, cemeteries or other uses of land which maintain the openness of the green wedge. I would suppose that the site proposers do not indeed to meet these development criteria.

-Given that the area to the north of the green wedge is almost exclusively made-up of large detached 4-6 bedroom houses, it seems unlikely that any commercial developer would address the specific housing needs of the RLDP opting perhaps instead for single large dwellings.

-Llanwrst Road at this point narrows to a (reasonably dangerous) 'pinch-point' inasmuch that it is a steep single track dark bend in the road. I do not believe the highway at this location is suitable and safe for additional traffic.

-There are more suitable brown-field locations included in the RLDP which could be redeveloped to allow preservation of the area's green wedge.