136 Bryn Hyfryd-Ffordd Tan yr Ysgol, Llanrwst

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Candidate Site Register

Representation ID: 27790

Received: 16/09/2019

Respondent: Mr Myrddin Davies

Agent: Owen Devenport Ltd

Representation Summary:

Our client would wish to submit his sites (ref's 136, 138, 139) for consideration for allocation as per the previous comments, as they benefit from a lower visual impact, more appropriate relationship with the existing built form of the settlement.

Current work undertaken for a forthcoming planning application has concluded that an access can be provided from School Bank Road.

Our client would also be happy to discuss the removal of the southern most portion of site 136 from any allocation in order to protect the setting of Bryn Hyfryd.

Change suggested by respondent:

Remove the strategic site and allocate sites 136, 138 and 139.

Full text:

See attached document.