105 Land nr. 4 Cromlech Road, Llandudno

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Candidate Site Register

Representation ID: 28235

Received: 23/09/2019

Respondent: Mostyn Estates Limited

Representation Summary:

The site is relatively small, allowing for sensitive development to take place without alterations to existing transport infrastructure.
The site can be accessed from Pyllau Road.
Landscape constraints and access can be effectively managed through simple design solutions.
New residential buildings will compliment the existing built environment. The land proposed for development is a natural extension of the residential area.
The site is not vulnerable to tidal or fluvial flooding.

Change suggested by respondent:

Allocate the site in the RLDP.

Full text:

See attached document.


Our response:

Removed at stage one. Site is small and constrained also adjacent to SAC and SSSI to the north.