33 Land at Maes y Felin, off Llanrwst Road, Glan Conwy

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Candidate Site Register

Representation ID: 28140

Received: 19/09/2019

Respondent: Mrs Audrey E Parry

Representation Summary:

This land was previously removed from the above plan as being unsuitable and due to public demand.

It is an unjustifiable intrusion into open countryside and very close to Green Wedge and SSSI sites

The construction of a new road would significantly increase pressure on existing adjacent roads.

Glan Conwy should not be considered as a main village, we are just a rural village.

Change suggested by respondent:

I would please like to see this site removed from the Unitary Development Plan permanently.

Full text:

See attached document.


Our response:

Not accepted. This site remains an allocated site in the current LDP where residential development has previously been accepted.