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Preferred Strategy

Representation ID: 27971

Received: 18/09/2019

Respondent: FCC Environmental (UK) Limited

Agent: AXIS

Representation Summary:

Rather than submitting any comments on specific Candidate Sites, clarification is sought on the classification of strategic sites.

The Candidate Sites Assessment Process document (see "Stage 4 Preferred Strategy") indicates that strategic sites are considered to be over 3ha in size - to provide more than 100 dwellings or 10,000m2 of employment floorspace.

However, the Preferred Strategy document itself indicates (page 8) that strategic sites are "...classed as being 6 hectares (60,000 sqm) or more, which could include a specific use or a mix of uses."

Full text:

See attached document.


Our response:

Accepted in Principle: The Stage 4 documentation has been superseded by the stage 5 Preferred Strategy documentation. However, the Candidate Sites Assessment Process document will be amended prior to deposit.